Jo heldenbrand(non-registered)
I work at vet complex, in the pet resort area for boarding dogs and cats(SORRY RUEBEN) haven't met a bull dog I didn't love! Love from Iowa
Scott C Miller
Being a former English Bully owner and Nanny for the breeders brought me to love their channel!! Been a Fan of Roo Melnotte and Family on YT for almost 17 months now and been hooked ever since I just finished looking through most of these photos and I have to say, Mike, you have a great eye for photography. Amazing work Mr Melnotte!!
Norm V(non-registered)
Mike, love Rueben. Had a bulldog who we adopted from a rescue. She was so sweet and smart and full of personality, just like Rueben. She lived 14 years, but she began to feel sick and we saw a steady decline. Finally, one day she collapsed when taking her for a short walk. Her organs were failing and she had Arthritis. Our Vet came to the house and put her down. The loss was so painful for us and her loss left a hole in our hearts. Rueben has helped us heal and work through missing her. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We can relate to many of the behaviors and attitudes that Reuben displays. I often wish i was there to give him a hug or to play with him. Please cherish all of the moments with him. He is a special guy.
pamela reed(non-registered)
I love Reuben and am glad I work at knipper which has allergan products. Happy Halloween Reuben
Reuben is so adorable and continues to put a smile on my face! I have my best friend hooked on his videos too.Keep filming Mike for all the Reuben fans!Thank you and Reuben!
Marlene Knerl(non-registered)
I am so excited, I got my two coffee cups with Reuben on them today. I cannot wait to drink coffee in the morning with my little buddy.
Big thanks to Reuben and his people!!!
Rhonda Mercado(non-registered)
Found you guys on YouTube! I'm in love with Reuben. My son just got an English bulldog a few months ago and we're all in life with him. This breed sure has a lot in common as far as personality. I love watching your videos and your photos are breathtaking!
One more thing :
Love You Reuben
Dave from down under(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing Reuben, proprietors of a local cafe have a Bulldog, once they like you they are inseparable from you, like your photos too. Sample of what I do[email protected]/
Christopher Carney(non-registered)
I just started following Ruben on youtube recently. I have a 3 yr old male English bulldog named Gable Patton Der Panzerjager (Gabe for short). Those dogs are funny and will keep you in stitches daily. I love my little fat boy. They are also a handful when it comes to up keep. Especially with the feet. Gabe is going tomorrow to have a growth removed from his left front paw. Doc says its nothing to worry about. Keep up the great work with the photos and videos. I love looking at all of them.
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