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Rhonda Mercado(non-registered)
Found you guys on YouTube! I'm in love with Reuben. My son just got an English bulldog a few months ago and we're all in life with him. This breed sure has a lot in common as far as personality. I love watching your videos and your photos are breathtaking!
One more thing :
Love You Reuben
Dave from down under(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing Reuben, proprietors of a local cafe have a Bulldog, once they like you they are inseparable from you, like your photos too. Sample of what I do https://www.flickr.com/photos/129526576@N06/
Christopher Carney(non-registered)
I just started following Ruben on youtube recently. I have a 3 yr old male English bulldog named Gable Patton Der Panzerjager (Gabe for short). Those dogs are funny and will keep you in stitches daily. I love my little fat boy. They are also a handful when it comes to up keep. Especially with the feet. Gabe is going tomorrow to have a growth removed from his left front paw. Doc says its nothing to worry about. Keep up the great work with the photos and videos. I love looking at all of them.
Carol Pearson(non-registered)
I am a rabid Reuben fan but your photography is wonderful. You have a keen eye in knowing how to frame a shot to make it come to life. I of course love Roo's pictures but the beach and nature shots are my favorite. Keep up the good work.
Cherie Carpenter(non-registered)
I love your photography, you’re so talented, and I love to watch your videos with Reuben, he’s so precious❤️❤️
Don DeLorme(non-registered)
Truly love to watch your exploits with Reuben. I lost my Jake (pug) of 17 years back in July of last year, and I really thought I was not going to go through that heart wrenching experience again. ..... then I came across you and your cute lil' man there (Reuben) and it's kinda given my a better perspective and outlook on being a pet owner again. I live alone and really to miss the companionship. Cheers Mike and thank you ... and Reuben.
Hi Reuben: I came to the site to see if there might be some pictures of you I may have missed. Love you Reuben.
Ellen E.(non-registered)
Also lured by your "shameless plug!"
I thought you had an artist's eye, based on your Reuben clips!
Love your work. And your dog.
Will be purchasing soon. Your work, not your dog-- unless perchance he's for sale?
Hi there. Your "shameless plug" brought me here.
I had no idea you were such a fantastic photographer! Very beautiful pictures!
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